To all my FB friends who live in Hendersonville, or anywhere in Middle Tennessee, I'm going to do something I very rarely do, and that's shameless promotion for a local company:

Teresa Belisle with One Stop Realty is awesome!!! She came to our garage sale last August - and I only wish I’d hired her then. Instead we brought on a friend of a friend, who marketed our house for 7 full months - during 5 of those of months, we were floating 2 mortgages, and 2 sets of utilities.
Our last realtor wanted us to spend THOUSANDS on carpet, bathrooms, and kitchen updates - or in allowances - for far lower offers. Teresa suggested a few hundred in cosmetic stuff, and the house sold in less than 3 days after it was done - less than 20 days after we signed her as our realtor. It may have been time of year - I don’t know - I just know that she suggested things our last realtor never did, never even SUGGESTED, and did hands-on things our last realtor never would. I couldn’t be happier, and only wish I’d signed her last August.
Not at all coincidentally, these cosmetic things all finished up in the 24 hrs before the showing that sold our house. Like magic. We got a price we were happy to accept 8 months later, and only wish we had chosen her originally. I'm thinking we could have gotten much more with her help but, at this point, I honestly couldn't be happier! THANKS, TERESA, FOR EVERYTHING! ~ Cheryl Stowe

A real pro! ~ M. Shipley

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